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Forget Spreadsheets.

Studies show that implant and medical device costs can comprise up to 60% of hospital reimbursements for primary procedures.

Neptune enhances ERP and EMR data to enable transparent decision making across clinical and administrative teams, reducing costs and improving outcomes.

  • Reduce medical device cost
  • Enhance existing EMR and EHR data

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Collaboration tool

Easily manage rebates.

Stop replying on vendors. Keep track of your rebates with the Neptune PPI Rebate Wrangler - wherever you are - at the touch of a button. Our algorithms optimize spend, and available incentives to help your team understand which opportunities will maximize your savings.

  • Automate the process of determining rebates earned, missed and at-risk.
  • Allow physicians to take advantage of rebates at the point-of-care.
  • Manage any type of rebate with forecasts and calculations to determine rebates with accuracy.

Bring your team together with Neptune

Clinicians and Supply Chain share a view of organization analytics that are continuously updating with the most relevant and recent information available. Democratized data facilitates clinicians discussing device selection with Supply Chain, and also with each other. This level of transparency promotes open discussion about value-based care and easier identification of outliers and opportunities

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Helping teams work together.

Utilizing a handheld mobile device, we can obtain up-to-date information on specific features unique to the products we are choosing to implant. By having the ability to simultaneously consider functionality, size and cost, across a spectrum of vendors, we can make better informed decisions about the appropriate device for a specific patient need. 

Dr. Bob Lobel


Administrators face a daunting task when negotiating physician preference items for a health network. Establishing aggressive pricing contracts is only one part of the equation. How do we empower clinicians to make value-based product selections so that purchasing patterns reflect a cost-effective product mix

Georgiana Alessandro 

Senior Project Manager, Supply Chain

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