A smarter way to handle rebates.

Neptune is a rebate lifecycle management platform that enables your team to manage rebates in a single fully-automated flow. Work smarter with data-driven rebate automation.

  • Facilitate collaboration between clinical and administrative teams to maximize rebate opportunities. 
  • Automate rebates
  • Compliance data and documentation automatically sent to vendor

All-in-one rebate flow

Streamline your work with a single platform.

Easily collaborate clinicians

Democratizing data enables your physicians to view device-specific rebate information and actively participate in reducing costs while driving awareness of supply chain’s saving initiatives with other clinicians.


Predictive Analytics

Neptune PPI automates the process of determining rebates earned, missed and at-risk.

Forecasting rebates ensures you negotiate the best contracts for your organizations in the future.

Ready to wrangle your rebates?

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